Stakeholders Area

This page will contain documents for the Stakeholders Committee.

Note that all material published in this “Stakeholders Area” are confidential and cannot be distributed to other party outside the Joint Research Project.

First progress meeting :
It will be held in Wabern (CH) at METAS, 21-22 January 2020. Full consortium will be here.
Industrials are welcome. It will be an early meeting with few results. On the other hand, being there will be good opportunity to affect the course of the project from an early time.
Registration can be done on the project website here. It will be also possible to attend by visio.

Second progress meeting :
Will be in Hørsholm (DK) at DFM, 27-28 October 2020 (SAVE THE DATE)
We expect to present full progress at this meeting and we really hope to feature a strong stakeholders participation. Agenda and sessions will be prepared to encourage exchange and share of knowledge.

Documents will be added soon after the first project meeting.