The Joint Research Project “New quantities for the measurement of appearance“ is a collaboration between National Metrology Institutes, partners from Industry and the research Community in Europe.

It aims to advance primary metrology in spectrophotometry for quantitative measurement of appearance.  The project will provide new traceable primary references, which will provide new tools for quality control and more realistic solutions for virtual prototyping. This will benefit different industrial sectors e.g. automotive, paper, cosmetic and 3D-printing.

The project will involve defining the new quantities Bidirectional Transmittance Distribution Function (BTDF) and Bidirectional Surface Scattering Reflectance Distribution Function (BSSRDF), and further improving the measurements of Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF).

Kick-off meeting – La Plaine St. Denis (FR) – 22/23 May 2019

The duration of this project is 3 years (from May 2019 to October 2022).

Significant metrological effort on measurement of appearance has been made over recent years, particularly at the European level due to the EMRP projects Multidimensional reflectometry for industry (xDReflect) and Bidirectional Reflectance Definitions  (BiRD)

BiRDview   Link to the BiRDview software (created within the EMPIR project BiRD) .

Most relevant information regarding file format can be found at GitHub  + example.