Workshop & Final Meeting in Hørsholm (DK), Sept. 2022

We are pleased to announce that our closure meeting will be in Hørsholm (DK) at DFM.

BxDiff has been a collective effort between NMIs, academics and industrials with great collaboration. We did significant progress. This last meeting will be the opportunity to make a step back, see what has been achieved in the project, and share this pieces of knowledge.

Outlines of the event :

  • Wednesday 28 Sept – 9 am to 4 pm – Workshop on BRDF, BTDF and BSSRDF models
  • Thursday 29 Sept – 9 am to 5pm – Progress achieved in BxDiff on BRDF, BTDF and BSSRDF
  • Friday 30 Sept – 9 am to 12 am – Construction of a proposal for a next project on metrology of appearance

Venue :
Kogle Allé 5
2970 Hørsholm

 We hope that you can move to Hørsholm (DK) to attend the meeting. Hørsholm is at 30mn by bus from Copenhagen. But if it is not possible, we propose also to attend online.