Workshop on BTDF


New facilities and approaches for the measurement of BTDF:

BTDF, measurand and samples – Stefan Kallberg (RISE)

BTDF primary facility for the measurement of horizontal samples – Robin Aschan (Aalto)

BTDF primary facility for the measurement of vertical samples – Jinglin Fu (PTB)

Effect of the size of the irradiation area in BTDF measurements – Alejandro Ferrero (CSIC)

Status of comparison of BTDF scales and overview f samples – Soren Jensen (DFM)

Goniometric and phere-based measurements of transmittance and haze – Annette Koo (CI)

Industrial applications and needs:

BTDF – Benefits and use form the view of the material supplier – Rafael Oser (Covestro)

BTDF of frosted glass – Iryna Gozhyh (St. Gobain Recherche)

Manufacturing, characterization and simulation of interference lithographic stochastical gaussian surface diffusers of varying feature size – Tobias Kraus (Temicon)

Nanocellulose films as BTDF artefacts – Li Yand (RISE)

Modelling of light propagation in translucent materials – Youri Meuret (KU Leuven)