4th Progress Meeting, Apr 2022 – Madrid

We are pleased to announce that our next progress meeting will be held at IO-CSIC in Madrid (ES). Since our last meeting in June 2021, we have progressed on the development of references for BRDF, BTDF and BSSRDF measurements. This meeting will be occasion to share our results and have scientific debates on those quantities and on their link with appearance of surfaces and visual attributes (colour, gloss and translucency).

Here is how it will be organized :
    – April 26th (9am-5pm) : Workshop on BTDF measurements
    – April 27th (9am-5pm) : Progress in BxDiff on BRDF, BTDF, BSSRDF and models
    – April 28th (9am-12am): Discussion on BxDiff impact + future plans  

Save the date in your agenda. It will be good to have a face to face meeting.
We will build the detailed agenda and do our best to have it ready by beginning of March.

Workshop on BTDF Agenda

4rd Progress Meeting Agenda