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Dr. Ferrero awarded DfwG Fellow

During the annual meeting of the German Society of Color Science
and Application (DfwG ) on October 6th 2021, Alejandro Ferrero was awarded DfwG Fellow for his outstanding contributions with respect to goniometric measurement techniques, published in various articles.

The award recognizes Alejandro Ferreros’s valuable contributions to the fields of BRDF, BTDF, BSSRDF, Sparkle and goniometric color measurement, which were generated in many cases in the EMPIR projects xDReflect , BiRD , and BxDiff.

Dr. Ferrero is the first person to receive this novel award, which is dedicated to scientists, lecturers and teachers, engineers and developers who have achieved substantial advancements in color science and related fields of work through their multinational professional work and their outstanding effort.

Dr Alejandro Ferrero in his lab at IO-CSIC (Madrid, ES) presenting “GEFFE” , its “baby”, the goniospectrophotometer that is the most versatile in the world

Workshop on BRDF & speckle

The first workshop of BxDiff will be held at University Jean Monet in St Etienne (France), on Friday 10 December 2021.

It will be a great opportunity to learn about BRDF measurement and speckle – an important issue we are facing now in BRDF measurement when we reduce the bandwidth or when we move to high angular resolution. The apparition of speckle masks the BRDF of the surface. Experts will show the state of the art on this topic.

The agenda : 
    9:00   – Welcome
    9:30   – Gael Obein (LNE-CNAM) | Evolution of BRDF measurement : when the speckle effect arose
    10:00 – Pierre Chavel (Institut Graduate School) | The speckle theory (1) : an introduction
    10:45 – Pierre Chavel & Anthony Cazier (Institut d’Optique Graduate School and University Saint-Etienne) | Educational demo with optical bench
    11:30 – Pierre Chavel | The speckle theory (2) : advanced modelling
    12:30 lunch
    14:30 – Loic Denis (University of Saint-Etienne) | Removing speckle while maintaining resolution : methods in radar imaging.
    15:15 – Thomas Labardens (LNE-CNAM) | Speckle effect in high resolution BRDF measurements
    16:00 – Discussion : is the BRDF of a surface the expectation of the signal measured?
    17:00 – end

Venue information and registration (free but requested) are available on the webpage of the event: here

3rd Progress meeting

Our next progress meeting will be in Visio. It will be on Thursday 10 June 2021, 9-12 am & 2-5 pm (CEST). Please, save the date in your agenda.

This meeting will be open to all our stakeholders, but you need to register in order to get access. Please, register before Tuesday 8 June.

The meeting will consist of presentation of the first results and of the general progress in the project. We are all happy to have this meeting and this share of science with you.

Progress Meeting Agenda

Presentations (please login – only visible for members and stakeholder committee)

2nd Progress Meeting

Due to the pandemic, BxDiff management board has decided to cancel the meeting.

The webmeeting restricted to consortium scheduled on Oct 27th is maintained.

It will be held in Hørsholm (DK) at DFM, 27-28 October 2020
We expect to present full progress at this meeting and we really hope to feature a strong stakeholders participation. Agenda and sessions will be prepared to encourage exchange and share of knowledge. First draft agenda will be shared in September, but for sure, we will talk about measurement and modelling of BRDF, BTDF, BSSRDF, on small, medium and large surfaces.

Prolongation of the Project

Since most laboratories are closed during the pandemic and measurements and developments of equipments have been slow down, the consortium has asked to EURAMET for a prolongation of the project of 6 months. Euramet accepted it. The poject, that was supposed to finish on April 31th 2022 will run until 31th October 2022.