Dr. Ferrero awarded DfwG Fellow

During the annual meeting of the German Society of Color Science
and Application (DfwG ) on October 6th 2021, Alejandro Ferrero was awarded DfwG Fellow for his outstanding contributions with respect to goniometric measurement techniques, published in various articles.

The award recognizes Alejandro Ferreros’s valuable contributions to the fields of BRDF, BTDF, BSSRDF, Sparkle and goniometric color measurement, which were generated in many cases in the EMPIR projects xDReflect , BiRD , and BxDiff.

Dr. Ferrero is the first person to receive this novel award, which is dedicated to scientists, lecturers and teachers, engineers and developers who have achieved substantial advancements in color science and related fields of work through their multinational professional work and their outstanding effort.

Dr Alejandro Ferrero in his lab at IO-CSIC (Madrid, ES) presenting “GEFFE” , its “baby”, the goniospectrophotometer that is the most versatile in the world

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